Inventory Big Data TM

How does it work?

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Identify your optimum

  • Inventory v/s service level
  • Standard methods v/s your ERP performance
  • Re-order quantities v/s number of deliveries
  • Costs v/s capitals

By crunching your detailled inventory data

Understand your inventory settings

  • Review products categories
  • Identify wrong parameters and idle inventory
  • Team work on inventory and data methodologies

Trough out your complete bill of materials

Change your re-order process

  • Use appropriate re-order methods
  • Update your ERP and re-order tools
  • Change part number settings
With a detailled analysis of all your re-orders


  • Quaterly review to check performance and changes
  • Update you categories and parameters
  • Communicate on performance improvement
With regular and automatized data analysis

Offers and Big Data methodologies

Step 1 : Plan

  • 2 days 
  • Project quick-off, Data crunching and management review

Step 2 : Do

  • 10 days
  • Detailled data analysis and team work echanges with the re-order group of your company

Step 3 : Check

  • 5 days
  • Reviews and inventory trainings

Step 4 : Act

  • 2 days every 3 months
  • Reports and on-line follow-up

Big data can help you reach your business objectives

Big data methodologies as performance driver