Job Description: Purchasing Manager



Jade, the procurement manager, is responsible for finding equipment, goods, and services and managing suppliers. She is capable of conducting strategic purchasing activities in a range of spending categories, seeking better deals and finding more profitable suppliers. Her role also includes:

Developing, leading, and executing procurement strategies Tracking and reporting key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve efficiency Determining the quantity and timing of deliveries and tracking and forecasting future demand levels Developing negotiation strategies and securing agreements with optimal conditions Collaborating with stakeholders to ensure clear documentation of requirements Performing cost and scenario analyses as well as comparative analyses

As the procurement manager, you are responsible for selecting suppliers that best meet the company’s needs in terms of quality, cost, and delivery time. You work closely with production and planning teams to anticipate raw material and finished product needs and ensure their availability in time for production. You are also responsible for negotiating purchase contracts with suppliers and ensuring that payment and delivery terms are met. Finally, you are responsible for tracking orders and managing any disputes with suppliers.

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