Job description: Manufacturing Director

A manufacturing director is a high-level executive responsible for overseeing the production process within a manufacturing company. They are responsible for managing the entire manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products. The manufacturing director must ensure that products are produced efficiently, safely, and to the highest quality standards. They must possess strong leadership and management skills, as well as a solid understanding of the manufacturing process.


Jones is a Manufacturing Director. He leads the strategic execution by coordinating resources to create excellent products.

While overseeing production managers who handle the daily details, Jones must also ensure that deadlines are met and standards are applied.

This is a versatile position that entails multiple tasks. In the company, he must organize, control, and above all optimize production activities.

In other words, he is the conductor of everything that goes in and out of the workshops.

Equipped with excellent managerial skills and a good team spirit, Jones must:

  • Propose organizational, productivity, and logistics improvements
  • Manage relationships with suppliers and subcontractors

As a production manager, you are responsible for implementing and monitoring production processes within the company. You work collaboratively with production teams to plan and coordinate production activities, ensuring that deadlines and budgets are met. You are also responsible for ensuring the quality of manufactured products by implementing control processes and ensuring compliance with applicable quality standards. Finally, you are responsible for managing the company’s human and material resources to maximize production efficiency and meet the ever-changing needs of the company.

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