Weekly LOB (List of Bills) on Air Supply Purchase orders (PO)

 10,00 HT

Download the tool that creates a LOB on Air Supply PO. Data is extracted for Air Supply, and directly put into the LOB tool.


For each article, checks your promized dates according to agreed dates:

  • Check quantities with weekly view
  • Identify main differencies
  • Implement automatic daily LOB
  • Improve your LOB review meeting

Tool creates a LOB on Air Supply Data. Just put extracted data of all purchase orders and automatically draw our weekly list of bill.

Optimizing Order Management with Line of Balance (LOB) and Air Supply Data

Objective: Streamline the order management process by using Air Supply Data and Line of Balance (LOB) techniques to improve efficiency, reduce discrepancies, and enhance collaboration.

I. Check Quantities with Weekly View A. Monitor purchase orders regularly B. Update the LOB with incoming data C. Ensure alignment with agreed dates

II. Identify Main Differences A. Compare actual vs. promised quantities B. Investigate discrepancies to determine root causes C. Implement corrective actions when necessary

III. Implement Automatic Daily LOB A. Utilize Air Supply Data to create a LOB B. Automatically update the LOB with purchase order data C. Generate a weekly list of bills

IV. Improve Your LOB Review Meeting A. Regularly review the LOB with stakeholders B. Address any discrepancies or concerns C. Collaborate on solutions and improvements

V. Order Management Best Practices A. Convert purchase orders into receiving notes upon arrival B. Use Bill of Material (BOM) for accurate item production C. Create bills from purchase orders D. Manage additional pickup requests (e.g., extra pickups, curbside pickups, bulk pickups) E. Ensure all items are properly categorized and procured F. Handle individual and personal item transactions G. Adjust purchase order values as needed (e.g., for repairs or supply completion) H. Provide departmental expertise to support all projects I. Collaborate with leading suppliers J. Pull data weekly for ongoing analysis K. Expedite issue inquiries as needed

By following these guidelines, businesses can optimize their order management processes, reduce discrepancies, and enhance collaboration among stakeholders, leading to more efficient and effective operations.


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