Job description: Customer Support


In a company, the customer procurement support plays a key role. She works with several departments. Michelle, in the first instance, ensures the follow-up, management of quotations and orders from the company’s customers. She actively participates in the growth of the turnover. In this position, she is responsible for :

  • manage a customer portfolio
  • monitor commercial conditions and invoicing
  • coordinate orders and handling customer complaints

Do you want to know more about Michelle ?

Michelle was a customer support representative for an industrial site services company. She worked in a team of support staff who were responsible for answering customer inquiries, resolving problems, and handling complaints. Michelle had been working in the customer support industry for a few years and had a lot of experience dealing with difficult customers.

One day, Michelle received a call from a customer who was having an issue with one of the industrial sites they had rented. The customer was angry and frustrated, and they demanded that Michelle fix the problem immediately. Michelle listened carefully to the customer’s concerns and worked with them to identify the root cause of the issue.

She then contacted the relevant team at the industrial site and worked with them to find a solution. Despite the customer’s initial frustration, Michelle was able to resolve the issue and turn their experience around by being patient, understanding, and proactive.

Michelle’s efforts were recognized by her manager and she was praised for her excellent customer service skills. From then on, she became known as a go-to member of the customer support team, always ready to go above and beyond to help customers with their problems. Michelle enjoyed the satisfaction of helping people and was proud to be a key part of the company’s success.

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