Data Quality Clinic


A method of data analysis that focuses on the recurrence of non-quality costs. There are two approaches to data analysis:

reduction of non-quality on products, with in particular a dimensional approach and cleaning on technical data

The reduction of non-quality on the data present in the company, with in particular an approach on planning and cost data

A company that aims to improve the quality of its products must first reduce its non-quality costs. This reduction will have a direct impact on the company’s strategic decisions. It is therefore necessary to eradicate these recurrences at the root.

The first approach to non-quality lies in the products.

The second approach concerns data. Indeed, a database with poor quality can be very costly to the company. Therefore, a quality database contributes to performance improvement and customer satisfaction. This is the set of characteristics of an entity that give it the capacity to satisfy expressed and implicit needs.

For example, in the field of manufacturing: a lack of available resources to produce the product

For business support, a failure may be an error in payment to the supplier