Industrial Performance Diagnostic with ABClog methodology


ABClog methodology allows to segregate category of products according to price and annual consumption.

It identify products to implement quick win actions to optimize inventory values and service level.

Please find quick presentation of methodology.

Inventory analytics

Inventory management is a real challenge for a company. Indeed, too much stock is very expensive. On the other hand, having too low a stock level leads to a lack of sales. This can lead to disappointment from customers and damage your reputation.

As you can see, stock-outs are a real concern. Big data will help you to analyze your stocks to avoid overselling and to see your stock level in real time. Big data also contributes to the acceleration of order management. Thus the available data improves the speed of order fulfilment through automation systems

A global vision that allows you to question

– The amount of stock needed to meet customer demand while maintaining a minimum stock level

– How to optimize stock management and therefore improve performance with a low turnover rate

– How to reduce the impact of product recalls

Improve Inventory Management
There are several ways to improve inventory management, and big data is one of them. Tracking trends through patterns allows you to visualize a situation. This helps to improve operational efficiency. In other words, having a competitive edge while providing customer satisfaction with reduced costs without compromising quality.
Having a management system can help you in optimizing your stocks. Have a permanent follow-up on your stocks in order to reduce shortages in your supply chain.


Presentation of inventory optimization with data analysis
Comprehensive multi-method of data collection to identify and define
Consumption analysis for Inventory Big Data
assist inventory management
Comprehensive multi-method of data collection to identify and define behavioral
abc analysis is an approach for classifying inventory items
Advanced Business Computing
Diagnostic information for administrators
Communicative Method and Use
Find the perfect
reviews or methodological issues
consider purchasing
Six Sigma And Process Improvements
Using modern methods
surveying methodology and results obtained
process to extract, consolidate, and transform the source data into a meaningful
Materials and Methods
review additional diagnostic details
Teaching communication skills and positive approach
Process analytical

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