Job description: Store Keeper

A store keeper is responsible for managing the storage and organization of goods and materials within a warehouse or store.



Marlon, storekeeper, stores, receives and prepares goods to be delivered to a given customer. He/she manages entry and exit of materials, draws up order forms, ensures the storage/distribution of orders in the workshop.

Store keeper job description in manufacturing industry :

  1. Ensure the reception, storage, dispatch and daily management of the stock of products marketed by the company.
  2. Ensure the conformity of products received and delivered.
  3. Ensure the management of inventories: control of the rotation of goods, verification of their availability, procurement from suppliers, tidying, cleaning, inventory.
  4. Keep a record of sales and restock.
  5. Maintain an automated supply inventory database.
  6. Replenish supply inventories following established guidelines.

What is a store within a manufacturer ?

An inventory store within a manufacturing facility is a place where the manufacturer keeps a supply of raw materials, components, and finished products. These stores are typically located within the manufacturing facility itself, and are used to store the materials and products that are needed for the manufacturing process. The inventory store is an important part of the manufacturing process, as it helps to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of materials on hand to meet the demand for the manufacturer’s products. The inventory store may also be used to store finished products that are waiting to be shipped to customers. In some cases, the inventory store may be managed by a separate department within the manufacturing company, or it may be managed by the manufacturing team itself.

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